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Women's Master Class One (1)

Texture and dry-cutting are becoming very important parts of todays cutting methods. Hair that has versatility and easy to style and maintain. Our customers demand this more than ever... A personal touch to their haircut! The demands from the modern costumer, made us create this workshop where the focus point is how to meet the needs from our customer when it comes to adding texture, dry cutting segments and personality in their hair.


During the 3 hour workshop, we will introduce you to Excellent Edges. EE develops the scissors and gives us the opportunity to learn from during our haircuts, that no one does with the same passion, quality and methods.


We will also do hands-on-cutting, where through the step by step cutting guidance will be introduced carefully into our world of texture cutting and how to use your emotional feels during the haircut.


Take your first step into a new world and a place, where you can elevalte you're cutting craft.


Class Duration: 3 hours 

Please be there 15 minutes before start*



Women's Master Class Two (2)

Classical cutting lines have always been a huge part of hair fashion. The classical lines are suitable for woman at all ages, hair types and head shapes. Often we use a scissors design that doesn’t provide us the needed strength and power we need for cutting a classical line fast and accurate.


Classical lines don't need to be straight. They can also come as concave, convex or even into diagonal lines such as point cutting methods. Scissor over comb is something that can give your haircut an added value. With the hand-cutting methods and scissor, you will be introduced.


During the 3 hours step-by-step cutting class, we will primarily work into three segments. Ergonomic body posture, point cutting, and the variation of classical lines and the effect on the hair we can create, with the different scissors we use.Bob design, graduation, straight fringe or scissor over comb. All methods are brought to a new level where fastness and quality comes first.


Class Duration: 3 hours

Please be there 15 minutes before start*

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Women's Master Class Three (3)

We know the hair doesn’t always want to move or fall into the directions or areas that we want. Customers sometimes even have heavy calligs. This gives our customer a harder time styling their hair.


We know the power you can give to your craft, when cutting into it the hair as dry. We know the secrets of manipulation of the hair, so it can start to move certain directions and how you can add or remove volume into the finished hairstyle. Cutting straight lines can often also be a struggle. Combining scissor power with easy techniques, we can get powerful straight lines in a few steps and with less effort.


The Excellent Edges tools provides the cutting power, we just need to control them and understand how we can manipulate the hair, to help us reaching the result that’s makes the hair easier for our costumer to style and wear.


Class Duration: 3 hours

Please be there 15 minutes before start*



Women's Master Class One (4)

You can learn all the technical skills in the world but the essential ingredient is what we call Emotional Intelligence. For some reason, it’s not taught early on in someones career, but it is developed organically later on through your experience and relationship to hair.


During this workshop we work on a combination of highly structured wet cutting segments, with a high grade of precision cutting and graduation shapes. Finally we combines it into areas that have playful hair, where the main focus is cutting into dry hair, and get you to understand the feel of flow cutting. The advantage of cutting into dry hair is that the hair will be more versatile and easier for your customer to style their hair into the mood they have.


So why wait? Develop your emotional intelligence at the same rate as your practical skills to elevate your artistry. 

Class Duration: 7 hours

Please be there 15 minutes before start*

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Women's Master Class Five (5)

Whether you have been a hairdresser for a short or longer time, you know the feeling when your customer is converting or are starting to be ready for a drastic change.


Short hair has never been more versatile. From a blunt cut, to a pixie crop, to simply lifting it to lob-length, lopping it off can feel completely liberating. In fact, there's nothing like pruning back layers of hair to help open up the face and make the most of the face features (Hello there, cheekbones).


The face-flattering low-maintenance cut is a timeless choice. Of course, you don't need to go gung-ho when it comes to getting the chop. You could dip your toe in with a slightly longer length; with super soft feels added with our sliding and sculpturing scissor. Or what about a super short crop with a harder texture added.


So are you feeling daring? Regardless what choice we make, its all about making sure the hair becomes feminine and fits the face-shape. 


Class Duration: 5 hours 

Please be there 15 minutes before start*



Women's Master Class Six (6)

Back in the 1970's and up to the 1980's, the hair industry was inspired by strong and graphical technical haircuts. Haircuts that also where influenced by medium to shorter styles. Common for almost all hair, were the missing of messy feels or movements into finished look. Now a days, the modern customer often demands a more personal, individual touch and feel to their look. They often want their hair to have a D.I.Y. feel, and more personality.

The hair styles created back then are still our main inspiration for our new 2020 decade look and feel. During this haircut, our focus will be how you can challenge your craft and status quo on your scissors.


We will add new pages to your hairdressing cutting portfolio. Simple but an effective cutting method that enhances a messy personal feel to your hair cut. Messy means incorrectly. We believe an incorrect haircut, with the right feel is the perfect haircut. 


Class Duration: 6 hours

Please be there 15 minutes before start*

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Curly Cutting One (1)

We all know the struggles and the challenges of cutting and styling curly hair. Many women have curls, but don’t know how to tame them. And many hairdressers haven’t been properly trained in cutting curls - or even working on instinct alone.


This workshop will give you insight into the world of curls. You will be walked through the basics of cutting curly hair, different cutting methods and how to properly style it.


In short, the workshop will enable you to cut curly hair with great control and ability.


Class Duration: 7 hours (includes 30 minute break)

Please be there 15 minutes before start*



Curling Cutting Two (2)

If you wish to completely master the art of cutting curly hair - from soft waves to tight curls - this workshop goes into depth with this craft - going into depth on the importance of using triangle sections when cutting curly hair.


The workshop focuses on two specific cuts for curly hair that you can take directly back to your salon and use on your clients. One of the hairstyles is created to fit both curly and straight hair, to fit any client you may have. 


Class Duration: 8 hours (includes two (2) 20 minute breaks)

Please be there 15 minutes before start*

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Men's Master Class One (1)

Our men’s cutting class encompasses the elements of men’s cutting as well as traditional barbering techniques such as scissor over comb and beard cutting. We work with different classical elements, and we will perform a variety of men’s styles.


Class Duration: 5 hours (includes a 30 minute break) 

Please be there 15 minutes before start*



Men's Master Class Two (2)

The second course focuses on creative expression and teaches you to translate the basic techniques into personalized, individual styles. This course also focuses on varying techniques and we will perform a variety of hairstyles. 


Class Duration: 5 hours (includes a 30 minute break)

Please be there 15 minutes before start*

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