Gold Membership: down payment
  • Gold Membership: down payment

    WOW! If you have reached this page, you are ready to make your Down Payment and secure your spot on the SAS Team! We are so pleased to have you and see the amazing work you are going to accomplish with your NEW scissors and accessories! Please see below for a final run down of your Membership Perks. 


    Gold Membership Plan

    · $45.99 for 36 months

    · $399 Down Payment 

    · Choose from: EEGO Set, Viper, Manta Ray 

    · $150 Gift Certificate (excludes Scissors)

    · 4 Sharpenings of $600 value (5+ receives 20% discount)

    · Oils / Chamois every 6 months of $150 value

    · 15% discount on all Supplies

    · 10% discount on all Education

    · Free Shipping 


    PLEASE NOTE: The SAS Team will personally reach out to you with final information and discount codes so keep a look out 24-48 hours from completion of this Down Payment! 


    Want more than one (1) scissor with your plan/plans? Call or email us at info@seriousaboutscissors after your purchase and we will be able to assist you! 


    * If you have NOT completed your Membership Set Up Form, please visit now and begin your set up process!